New compendium for technology assessment published



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Stefan Böschen together with Armin Grunwald, Bettina-Johanna Krings und Christine Rösch (all ITAS, Karlsruhe) has edited a new compendium for technology assessment. Üublished by the Nomos publisher house, this compendium provides guidance to new answers about knowledge and decision making within the dynamic processes of sociotechnical change. It has three goals. First, it creates self-assurance for TA by reflecting developments in TA. Second, it serves as an orientation compass by showing heuristics for the systematic contextualization of TA knowledge. Thirdly, it shows perspectives for the future development of TA.

The following link goes to the anouncement of the Nomos publishing hous (in German language): new compendium for technology assessment

Here you find a PDF version of the anouncement of the book publishing (in German language).