Wilhelm Viehöver

Chair of Society and Technology


Building: 6070

Room: 237

Theaterplatz 14

52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 25538
  Picture Willy Viehöver Copyright: © Peter Winandy

Current Position

Dr. Wilhelm Viehöver is Senior Researcher at the Chair of Society and Technology since August 2018. His working tasks encompass research, teaching as well as administrative tasks. Currently he is working on several topics such as discourse theory and analysis, narrative theory, methodology and analysis, globalization theory, sociology of technology and environmental research, polycentric governance of knowledge production as well as on participatory formats in innovation fields. In addition, he is teaching courses in the social science B.A. and the sociology M.A. Programme. Furthermore he is Coordinator of the future Master Programme Governance of technology and innovation (GovTec).

Research Focus

  • Qualitative Methods and Methodology
  • Discourse theory and discourse analysis
  • Globalization and world society
  • Polycentric Governance and community based participatory processes in knowledge and technology production
  • Technology and Environmental Research

Currents Projects

  • Methodology of social and political scientific narrative analysis
  • Beyond the Internetgalaxy: Is there a new axial age to come?
  • Technological refiguration and transformation of emotional regimes

Additional Positions and Activities

  • Co-Editor of the Journal for Discourse Studies
  • Member of the Working Group for Discourse Research (Section Sociology of Knowledge)
  • Founding Member of the Augsburg Working Group for Discourse Research
  • Coordinator for the Master Programme Governance of Technology and Innovation (GovTec)

Extended CV