Corona Diary


Duration: 04.2020 – 12.2021

Cooperation partners

University Potsdam, LMU München

Project Description

The corona virus changed our living and working world abruptly. The "Corona Diary" project examines the perception and handling of the corona crisis in the German population. We assume that due to the changes in the crisis, citizens have to adapt their perceptions and strategies of action again and again. In addition to restrictions and difficulties (e.g. socio-economic), creativity also arises here. In order to investigate this mutual change, the Corona diary is set up for one year as a weekly short survey.

With the online Corona diary, we offer citizens the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in dealing with the crisis in their own words. In addition to recurring questions, the weekly short questionnaire contains a "weekly question" that refers to the current crisis situation. The participants are won through a broad address through networks of universities and associations ("snowball principle").

Responsible person

Prof. Dr. Stefan Böschen