Complex Ethics


ComplexEthics: Perception and orientation tool for the ethical, anthropological, sociological and informatics evaluation of complex socio-technical arrangements in a digitalized living environment

Running time: 2017 - 2020


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Funding area “Human-Technology-Interaction for demographic change”)


Prof. Arne Manzeschke EvHN Nürnberg

Prof. Ulrike Lucke, Uni Potsdam

PD Dr. Jan Heillinger, LMU München

Project Description

Designers in complex, IT-networked environments are confronted with problems of orientation. The aim of the project is to empirically and analytically develop orientation knowledge for interpreting, evaluating and acting and to pool this knowledge in a “strategy for practice”.

Responsible Person

Prof. Dr. Stefan Böschen

Detailed information about the project "ComplexEthics"