Master GovTec


Master Program Governance of Technology and Innovation

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Together with the Chair of Philosophy of Science and Technology, directed by Professor Gabriele Gramelsberger, we are currently developing a Master's course of Study on the Governance of Technology and Innovation, in short: MA GovTec.

The background of this Master's course of Study is that more and more of the current societal problems related to socio-technical change are increasingly “wicked”, and complex and unclear knowledge landscapes impede decision-making processes.

Learning how to deal with unclear knowledge landscapes must be understood as a core competency for decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and non-knowledge. In order to do so the masters course offers an elaborate repertoire of knowledge from the humanities and the social sciences and further methodological and reflexive competencies for processing knowledge in various kinds of decision-making processes.

Further information can be found at the corresponding website of RWTH Aachen University.