Chair of Society and Technology

The Chair of Society and Technology is following two aims. Firstly, it deals with the interrelations and foundation of society and technology. Secondly, the co-productive evolution of innovations and connected risks are examined from a transdisciplinary perspective. The chair is also involved in actively shaping co-productive forms of innovation.

A major task of the chair is to develop, to offer and to spread “expertise in contextualization”. Core working areas are Science and Technology Studies (STS), Technology Assessment (TA), research on inter- and transdisciplinary innovation processes and theories of modern societies. By combining these different streams, we get not only a detailed and reflexive understanding of innovation and technology development but also a better understanding of their social, cultural and political framings.

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 Prof. Dr. Phil. Stefan Böschen

Theaterplatz 14 RWTH Navigator

52062 Aachen

WorkPhone: +49 241 80-25537